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Friday, March 31, 2006

Fridays in Lent

Since I'm Catholic and it's Lent, Friday suppers at our house are either tuna melt sandwiches or pizza. Today we opted for pizza--but it seems that everyone else who is Catholic does the same. Our favorite pizza restaurant (which is right across the street from the church) was filled to capacity. There were plenty of people getting take-out orders of pizza, too. Hubby said that instead of the little fish symbol imprinted on every Lenten Friday of our Catholic calendar, there should be little pizzas.

Despite the crowded restaurant, we enjoyed our pizza and there were a few slices leftover. Hubby loves to eat them for breakfast. :^)

1 comment:

Just Nancy said...

I like your husband's idea! I don'tn like fish so we do a lot of spaghetti or mac & cheese. But we give up meat on Fridays all years, so Lent isn't that big a deal in this respect. It does get a little hard if you want to go out to a fast food place. Being in Louisiana, seafood places are everywhere. Not so much fun for me, but I have been known to order mozzarella sticks and salad!