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Monday, March 27, 2006

Writing In Another Season

Today the weather outside was gorgeous. There wasn't a cloud in the bright blue sky. The daffodils and forsythia are blooming. Tiny leaves are unfurling on the privet hedge. Hubby and I still had to wear jackets when we took a walk, but no gloves and no hats--which is so wonderful for a change.

We walked around on one of my favorite trails in one of our local parks. The trail goes through a swampy area--and there, too, we saw signs of spring. Skunk cabbage!

But right now, I'm writing a story set in the heat of June. So after our walk, I came inside and had to switch seasons in my head. It isn't difficult for me most of the time but today it was. I guess I had writers' spring fever. :^)


Leann said...

We can now walk around without hats and gloves also Penelope. It's so nice. We are even going without jackets and it's only in the 40's. Guess it's all about what you get used to :-)

K. said...

It's been averaging in the high 60s around here and steadily getting warmer.