Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Save Your Reviews On Paper

I believed that everything on the internet remained there forever. I have discovered this is not true--at least for some things like the reviews I received for the first edition of SEA OF HOPE. Most of the reviews on that book have vanished. Only a few are left. However, since it was my first published book, I printed out many of the reviews and saved them. Unfortunately, I cannot put them on Amazon. I am reduced to begging for new reviews on the second edition. 

Still, I had a wonderful time reading through the old reviews I saved. I even discovered the book had won another award which I had completely forgotten about--The Clara Award.  Sadly, that award no longer exists, but I do have a wonderful document proclaiming my achievement

Some of the websites where reviews for my book first appeared are still there, but the reviews for Sea of Hope have long since disappeared from their archives. 

Here's a snippet of a review written by Robin Peek at Romance Reviews Today, "Ms. Marzec has created a poignant and inspirational story of faith and trust. Her characters are in-depth, emotional people who hide their true feelings, but through faith, learn to forgive and trust. SEA OF HOPE is a truly inspiring romantic tale for readers of all ages." 

Clara Durfee, also of Romance Reviews Today said, "SEA OF HOPE is a well-written journey into two peoples' hearts."

Cindy Penn wrote, "Author Penelope Marzec appropriately chooses a modern day fishing village for this gentle inspirational romance that allows these strong-willed characters to rediscover faith. Like the disciples in the Bible, these characters struggle with painful circumstances to build love for God."

I found the Blue Iris Journal online, but not the review written for Sea of Hope. Here's a little of what Elizabeth K. Burton thought of the book, "This is a solid inspirational romance where the romance and the inspiration are superbly well-balanced. Faith here is not ethereal moralizing, but a pragmatic element of the characters' daily living. Even those who under ordinary circumstances don't care for having a religious thread in their romance will find Sea of Hope first-class entertainment."

I spent a lovely evening reading through these and other accolades for the book. My advice to other writers is to save your reviews on paper and file them safely away. Some things on the internet do not stay there forever. 

Available at AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Forgive! It's Good For You.

If you want to get to heaven, you need to forgive just as you have been forgiven. That's Biblical truth. However, even the Mayo Clinic says it's good for you. ( Holding onto a grudge is likely to raise your blood pressure, make you depressed, and ruin your enjoyment of the good things in life.

I know a bit about forgiveness. I've been married for forty-one years. I have forgiven hubby many times for various infractions of perfection and hubby has forgiven me, too. I've forgiven parents, children, and plenty of other people for things they did or said. Fortunately, for the most part, they've forgiven me as well, because sometimes I've said or done some really stupid stuff.

For instance, when we first moved into our present home, there was a really ugly, shag rug in the family room. It had a geometric pattern of orange, brown, and off-white. I didn't like the colors. I didn't like the pattern. Most of all, I hated the shaggy surface. It was difficult to keep clean with three young children running around.

However, hubby thought it was fine. In addition, he was worried about finances and didn't want to spend any money on a new rug. I figured there was tile underneath the rug. There had to be. The kitchen had an off-white tile and the family room was right off the kitchen. I could live with tile. It's easy to clean. Still, hubby did not want to rip up the old rug.

Around that time, hubby's parents came to visit with us and get to know their grandchildren. They didn't know about our rug argument. That same week, hubby had to go on a business trip. While he was gone, I asked his parents to help me rip up the rug, which they did. Underneath the rug was an ugly black and white asphalt tile floor, not the simple off-white I expected. It was hideous, but I shrugged and figured I could at least keep it clean.

The garbage collectors carted the old rug away. Hubby's parents left to return home.

Hubby came back from his business trip. He was really, really angry when he realized the rug wasn't there anymore. He didn't talk to me for about a week. One of our good friends laughed and said he probably wouldn't have talked to me for a month if I had ordered a new rug.

But eventually, hubby let it go. While I was not fond of black and white tile, I didn't ask for a replacement. A long time afterward, we bought beige ceramic tile. Hubby and I replaced the black and white tile on our own. It was a lot of work, but that floor is still there and blessedly easy to clean.

Should I have ripped up the rug? Should hubby have been a little more willing to compromise? Probably, but we are both stubborn. Nevertheless, we managed to get over it. And that's the way it has to be. Forgiveness is healthy, it keeps marriages together, and it's what the Lord expects from all of us because He forgave us first.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Great Blue Heron or great blue heron?

Last week, Daughter #2 and I went for a walk along a bridge over a marsh. Daughter #2 spotted a Great Blue Heron. It was a cold, blustery day but that didn't seem to bother the heron. I was lucky enough to get this photo before he flew away to the safety of a tall tree. 

Later, in looking up the habits, diet, and other particulars about bird, I noticed that most references did not use capital letters for the name of the species though some did. Hmmm. 

The Great Blue Heron is a magnificent bird. Shouldn't his name be capitalized? I found a blog post,, which went into great detail concerning this topic. The truth is some folks do not capitalize bird names, but the International Ornithologist's Union is of the firm opinion that bird names should be capitalized. 

So I'm with the International Ornithologist's Union. Give this amazing bird capital letters for his name. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Special Introductory Price!

The newly revised, second edition of SEA OF HOPE is now only $1.99 until the end of March! It is available online at most ebook distributors. SEA OF HOPE won EPIC’s eBook Award for Best Inspirational Novel in 2002. Originally published by Awe-Struck Publishing, I have now reissued it with an awesome new cover designed by Taria Reed.
You can read what’s inside by going to the Amazon page for the book and clicking on the book cover. Try it here: