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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday's Book Brunch

Yesterday's Book Brunch at the Middletown Public Library was fun! I had a wonderful time. It was informal--more of a question and answer session. Several of the attendees are regular members of a Barnes & Noble group and interested in writing, too.

Few of them knew much about e-publishing. I passed my old Rocket e-book reader around, but there are still those who insist that there is nothing like curling up with a paper book.

However, since paper books don't glow in the dark, I will continue to love my Rocket for reading in bed. :^)

By the way, Fictionwise is having a sale on the ebookwise reader--which is just an updated version of the old Rocket. You can find it here

It is a terrific gadget. Of course, e-books can also be loaded into Palm Pilots, Treos, etc. But the ebookwise reader is the Cadillac of all e-book readers, in my honest opinion.


Just Nancy said...

I love my Franklin Ebookman. However, I keep setting it down somewhere and forgetting where I put it!

Leann said...

Glad to hear it went well for you Penelope.

K. said...

Great that you had a wonderful time. Looks like the turnout was nice.