Sunday, January 31, 2010

Latest Interview

If you want to know more about me, it's easy. Just go to:

There's a brand new interview with all sorts of fascinating details about my life. :^)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another One

Yesterday's weather was lovely. Hubby and I decided to visit a bigger, more elaborate labyrinth. This one is on the grounds of the Upper Room Spiritual Center. Below you can see hubby walking around.

There's a small plaque that explains a bit about labyrinths.

I am totally hooked on labyrinths now and want to visit as many as I can.

Monday, January 18, 2010


The temperature was around fifty degrees outside today, which was quite nice for the middle of January and the perfect day for a walk.

I had happened to see a small article in Woman's World magazine about labyrinths. The article claimed that walking in a labyrinth endows you with peace and focus. It can also assist you in thinking more creatively and give you powerful insights--great stuff for a writer! And if you're stressed, it's supposed to alleviate that problem, too. I thought this would be a just the thing for hubby and I to experience. All I had to do was find one with the labyrinth locator at:

It turned out that there was a labyrinth nearby. Unfortunately, a tree had fallen on part of the maze. But hubby and I dutifully followed the pathways as much as we could. Hubby was concerned whether we were doing it right.

We finished it quickly and I really did not feel any more focused or more peaceful. But perhaps I need to walk in another labyrinth--a bigger one.

I looked up more information on labyrinths at so that next time I'll have the proper attitude when we walk along the winding paths. We'll do it right!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Great Review for The Company You Keep!

The Company You Keep received Four Coffee Cups from Cherokee, a reviewer for Coffee Time Romance. She said, "The Company You Keep is a delightful story. I enjoyed the simmering chemistry that slowly continued to brew between Jennifer and Nathan. The suspense spills along the way, and keeps the reader engaged and on the edge-of-the-seat. With each page, I was taken deeper and deeper into this driven read. Penelope Marzec builds an in-depth story, and driven players that captivate. I found the foundation of the storyline wonderfully done. This story not only kept this reader guessing until the conclusion, but also left a wonderful sensation in the soul after this unique read."

You can read the entire review at

The book is available at Crescent Moon Press. Check it out!