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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Sometimes I do my best writing when I'm not writing--especially when I'm on the road in the car. We had a wonderful weekend with all of our daughters, but everyone had to leave today. Daughter #2 asked if we would take her back to Brooklyn. We did--transporting her door-to-door (okay, so we are terribly indulgent parents in some ways).

Hubby drove. I prayed the entire rosary--as usual when we have a long trip. I read some of a new release from Steeple Hill's Love Inspired Suspense. But then I spent quite a while looking out the window with the wheels turning in my mind just as the wheels of the car rolled along.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll get some time to type in all the ideas I thought of today as we travelled.

When do you do some of your best thinking?


Leann said...

I do my best thinking when I lay down to sleep. That's when my brain kicks into high gear and I lay there thinking of anything and everything. Unfortunatley I never remember the next morning what I thougght!

K. said...

In the morning, when everything is still quiet and dark. Before the day really begins.

Just Nancy said...

Yesterday, Sunday, Hubby and I went to the Y and while I was on the stepper I think I came up with something that's going to happen in the NEXT book I'm going to work on, my NaNoWriMo from last year.

I usually end up with great writing ideas when I'm no where near the computer and they vanish when I sit down to write them!

Penelope Marzec said...

Leann: I always keep paper on my night table beside the bed.

k.: It's nice when nobody else is awake. :^)

Nancy: You've got to jot down the ideas on a scrap of paper--or even your hand. Don't let them evaporate!

Cindy N. said...

I do my best thinking when I am taking a shower to wake up in the mornings. Also on my drive home from work. I turn off the radio and sit in traffic and just think. I use my hand a lot to jot notes. People are always teasing me about that.