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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Until now, hubby has always taken a day to do the taxes by himself. He would sit at the dining room table--insisting on complete quiet in the house. Then he would remain there half of the day, grumbling and sharpening pencils.

This year, hubby decided he needed help in filing our taxes since last year was rather crazy--financially. When hubby learned our local library offered AARP-trained tax help, he signed up. We went to the library this morning with our income statements. Our tax helper filled everything in on the computer and then sent it all to IRS electronically. It did not take long and it was completely painless.

We should have done this a long time ago.


Robin said...

That's really good to know.

Just Nancy said...

You've been infected with the Indie Virus. It's not a bad thing. Just check out my blog and read about it.

Leann said...

I used to do my own taxes and I always did it wrong. Always in my favor, but always wrong...I now go to H & R Block every year. It's so worth the money.

K. said...

I used to refuse to let anyone else do my taxes too. The first time I went to a preparer, I got back more money than I ever had and it was totally stress-free. Some things are just really worth paying someone else to do for you.