Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Guest Post: JORDAN VALLEY ROUNDUP by Susan Spess

My guest today is Susan Spess with her latest release JORDAN VALLEY ROUNDUP. She said, "This story fills my heart! It’s the story of rodeos, which I adore, and iconic cowboys, much like John Wayne in the movie, HONDO. (Watched it this morning for probably the 100th time.) My favorite character is Retta, the mother and spiritual leader of a red-headed group of boys, who are far from perfect but are extremely loveable. It was great getting to know this group of souls, even the evil mare, Man Eater. I watched as Jessie calmed her and made her able to get along with others, including her own filly. For me, the best part is the way they gently guide Jessie to know Jesus as she gives her heart to Him."

Here's a bit more about the story!

While barrel racing to earn enough to pay her uncle's debts, Jessie Cobler's horse falls. She cries out to God, certain she's about to die, but the quick action of Mitch Tanner saves her life. She accepts an offer to stay on the cowboy's family's ranch so she and her horse can rest and heal. It's the perfect place to hide from those who threaten to tear her dreams apart.

Bull rider Mitch Tanner is determined to earn professional status to honor his deceased father, but running a ranch and helping with his younger siblings leaves time for little else. Having Jessie on the ranch is a distraction he can't afford. After all, he doesn't have time for love.

As Mitch and Jesse work together to rescue abused animals will Mitch discover there's more to life than earning a status? Will he be able to help heal Jesse's broken heart and spirit and lead her to the Lord?

Now a sweet taste of the book with an excerpt!                                                                        

Focusing on the ride, she walked Buck into position. The excitement built, adrenalin shooting through her muscles like lightning strikes. 

Tugging her Stetson low so there was no chance of losing it, she leaned into the saddle, took a firm grip on the reins, inhaled, and blew it out long and slow until her lungs were empty. Finally, she booted him in the ribs. 

He took off in an explosion of energy while she leaned into the run. She concentrated on the first barrel, the cheers of the crowd dimming to near silence. Spectator faces blurred past as they rounded the second barrel. Yes! It felt good. This was where she belonged. 

Buck ran flat out as they charged the third turn. Heading into the pocket, he dug in, and the world shifted. Dipped. She snatched a breath and held tight to the saddle horn, her heart pounding as he fought for footing in the loose earth. She gave him his head, hoping, by some miracle, he could stay on his feet. 

Buck’s back left leg slid from under them. Fear ripped through her as they dropped, then slammed into the ground. The saddle horn jerked from her grip. He floundered, trying to get up. She kicked her foot free and tried to shove away from the panicked animal, but she couldn’t move. Her left leg was under him. 

Stories of riders killed from similar falls flashed through her mind. Buck fought his way to his feet, yanking her leg high in the air with her foot through the stirrup and leaving her head on the ground. 

His shod hooves cut so close, he kicked dirt in her face as he danced with anxiety. If she could catch her breath, make him hear her, he might calm. But she couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t find words to ease him. He threw his head back, gathering himself as he looked for a way to escape the nightmare. 

Slamming shut her eyes, she wrapped her arms around her head. 

God! Help me.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Guest Post: THE LITTLE THINGS by M. Jean Pike

     My guest today is author M. Jean Pike. Her favorite things are changing seasons, unexpected blessings, and love that lasts forever. With a writing career that has spanned two decades, Jean combines an insatiable curiosity about humans and why they do the things they do, with a keen interest in the quirky and offbeat things in life to bring readers unforgettable tales of life, love, and the inner workings of the human heart. 
     Jean cut her teeth on short stories and inspirational nonfiction. Her articles have been featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul, GRIT, Lutheran Digest and others. After several years of writing short fiction, she decided to try her hand at novel writing. Her debut took eight years to complete! She has since penned ten others. Number eleven, a contemporary Christian Romance, The Little Things, is available now!

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 Here's the book blurb!

A decade ago, Rochelle Delany made a decision that changed her life forever. Wanting more than just football games and potluck suppers, she boarded a bus for California and didn't look back. But instead of a glamorous life, she became trapped in a nightmare of labor trafficking. Now, she's made a daring escape and returns home to Ohio.

Sandy Fairbrother has a problem with trust. Twice betrayed, he now puts his faith only in God. He' s a single dad doing his best to grow his construction business and raise his young son. But haunted by an impulsive kiss Rochelle gave him fifteen years ago, her unexpected return has him rethinking things. He' s been given a second chance to win her heart. And this time, he plans to succeed.

Rochelle barely remembers Sandy, but she's drawn to his goodness. But just when she thinks she's found peace, her past catches up with her, and she finds herself in danger of losing the only safe haven she' s ever known.

Read an Excerpt!

He stood there, staring at her, as if he were waiting for something. Finally, he said, “You’re Rochelle, right?”

 She searched his face, clearly at a disadvantage. ”Yes.” 

“Sandy Fairbrother. Maybe you don’t remember me.”

She vaguely remembered the name. Her gaze moved over him, her mind trying to reconcile this big, handsome man with the thin, quiet boy she barely remembered from high school. Nice enough looking, but not gorgeous. Athletic enough to be on the sports teams, football, she thought, but not first string. Just an average boy. 

“Of course,” she said. 

“So, you’re back.”

“The prodigal daughter returns.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. Bess was a wonderful woman.”

“Thank you.” An awkward moment of silence passed. “May I ask what you’re doing here?”

“Austin mentioned that he assumed Bess left the house to the two of you in her will. He said he was hoping to unload it quickly and wondered if I’d be interested in buying it.”

The shock of his words was like a second slap. No, more like a throat punch. “Why would you be?”

“I own a few rental properties around town, as well as a small construction company. I do renovations, buy and flip homes, that sort of thing. I told Austin I’d be happy to take a look at the place.”

 His words spun around inside her head, making her dizzy. The one place in the world where she felt safe was in danger of being sold? Torn away from her? Fear slithered inside her stomach and rose up the back of her throat as her last hope of security slipped away. Oh, Lord. Don’t let me be sick. Pulling in a breath to calm herself, she tossed the checkered dishcloth into the sink.

“Austin really should have discussed this with me first, before talking to you. We haven’t made any definite plans for the house yet.”

“Right. Well, I just thought—‛”

“You thought what?” She fixed him with an angry stare. “My foster mother is barely laid to rest, and you come swooping in here to take advantage of us for the opportunity to feather your own nest?”

 He seemed momentarily taken aback. Then he grinned, infuriating her farther. “I wouldn’t exactly say I swooped. I walked in through the front door. After your brother invited me.”

“Well, I’m sorry you’ve wasted your time. Until further notice, this house is not for sale. Understood?”

 He watched her for a long moment, something unreadable in his expression. Amusement, definitely, but something else as well. 



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Guest Post: SEARCH LIGHT by Annette O'Hare


My guest today is Annette O’Hare, an award-winning author of   inspirational romance from a bygone era. Her love for preserving history shines through in her novels. Drawing on her background in drama and comedic sketch writing, Annette desires to reveal the love of God to her readers while hopefully giving them something to smile about. She and husband Dan live in Southeast Texas and enjoy spending time with family, RVing, and saltwater fishing.

Annette's latest release is SEARCH LIGHT, is a Bolivar Lighthouse inspirational historical.

Read the blurb!

     In 1942, Women’s Army Corporal, Pauline Lopez is on duty atop the Bolivar Point Lighthouse. Her job: to spot German submarines in the Gulf of Mexico responsible for sinking supply ships bound for the U.S. When Pauline reports enemy activity, the call is deemed a false alarm, soiling her military reputation.
     Pauline meets Army Air Corps pilot, Captain Frank Chessher at a USO dance. Frank believes Pauline’s story, but the next time she reports enemy activity, no one believes her. 
      Will Frank hear her mayday call and come to her rescue, or will she become another casualty of war?

Read an excerpt:

    Mary Ellen was right. No sane person would risk coming anywhere near the Texas Gulf Coast
with the fortifications of the United States behind it. And yet somehow, freighters were still being sunk or damaged and their crewmen injured or even killed by enemy fire.
    A glint of light flashed from the water. Pauline jumped to attention and raised the binoculars to get a better look. “Oh, my goodness.” She adjusted the focus wheel making the object appear crisper through the eyepieces. She turned to her friend.
    “What is it now?” Mary Ellen’s devil may care manner annoyed Pauline.
    “Come here. I need you to see this.”
    Mary Ellen’s shoulders drooped; her head dipped to the side. “Really?”
    Pauline pleaded with her eyes. “Yes, really!”
    “All right.” Mary Ellen groaned and rose from the floor with the speed of a wounded tortoise.
    “Would you please hurry?”
    “Okay, okay.”
    Pauline took the binocular strap from around her neck and handed them to Mary Ellen. She pointed out the window. “Look down there, directly to the south. It’s in the water just west of Fort Travis.”
    “It’s pitch black. I can’t see a thing. What am I looking for?”
    “In the water close to shore. Can’t you see it?”
    Mary Ellen sighed. “No. What… Hey, wait a minute.”
    “Do you see it now?”
    “Yes.” Mary Ellen giggled and continued looking through the binoculars. “Oh, boy, those guys are going to be in a heap of trouble.”
    “What? Give me those.” Pauline yanked the eyeglasses from her hands.
    Pauline took another look, confirming what she’d seen before, and lowered the binoculars.         
    “What do you think you’re seeing? Because I see a rubber raft full of men, rowing toward Galveston Island.”
    “Calm down, Pauline.”
    “How can I calm down when we’ve just spotted the main thing, we were warned to keep a look out for? What is wrong with you?” Pauline trembled.
     Mary Ellen grasped her friend’s forearms to steady her. “Come on now. You need to get a grip on yourself.” She gave her a reassuring gaze. “Now listen to me. I don’t want either one of us looking like a couple of fools for calling this in. It looks to me like a bunch of kids out on a jaunt. You know how kids are. School is out, and they’re all up to no good.” Mary Ellen giggled. “They probably stole their pop’s raft. So, what do you say, can’t we just let this one go?”
    Pauline steeled her body, willing away the shuddering inside her. She ripped her arms away from Mary Ellen’s grip on her. “I can’t believe you. This is a matter of national security.”
    Raising her hands, Mary Ellen backed away, she puffed out her chest.  “Look, I just don’t want you getting called on the carpet by the Little Colonel for reporting mischievous schoolboys having a little fun on a nice summer night.”
    Chatter crackled over the two-way radio, drawing their attention. Pauline picked up the handset from the floor and started for the door. The long cord trailed behind her. “I’m going back out to get a better look.”
    “Suit yourself.”

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