Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Satellite Dish at Infoage Museum

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Daughter #2 wanted to see this historic satellite dish-- the 60-foot TIROS satellite dish. It's part of the the Infoage Museum in Wall, NJ. (http://infoage.org) The museum docent was awesome. She gave a great talk about the facility and turned the dish around twice--once toward the sun where the computers measured the temperature of the sun, and then she turned it toward an orbiting satellite, which was looking down on us. We saw a photo generated by the orbiting satellite. 

A model of Telestar was inside the museum as well as a model of the Vanguard 1, an early satellite. I was surprised at how small it was. 

There's so much to see at the Infoage Museum! You should go there. We've been many times and still haven't seen it all. It's truly worth the trip. 
But now--I wonder if I should write a science fiction book. 👽

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Book Birthday for THE COWBOY'S MIRACLE!

I'm celebrating the birthday of my book, THE COWBOY'S MIRACLE, with a video. Enjoy!

Available at http://a.co/gjM1IN5

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

My Latest Prayer Shawl

There are times I push away from the computer, stop writing, and get busy with my crochet hook. Last week I finished another prayer shawl. I stopped counting how many I've made a while ago. I totally enjoyed working on this one. I loved the color. I loved the pattern, which was The Rosary shawl (https://www.girliescrochet.com/rosary-prayer-shawl.html). It uses the puff stitch. I changed the pattern slightly by adding a scalloped border instead of the fringe.

Daughter #1 thought I should make something a bit more subdued or more masculine in case a man is in need of a prayer shawl. I went out and bought some soft, brown yarn and I'm now working on a rectangular shawl using the Simple Three's pattern. (http://www.shawlministry.com/Crochet%20Patterns/simple_three_crochet_pattern.htm)

Crocheting is calming to me, which in this hectic, crazy world, feels good. I started a prayer shawl ministry at our church and it's been a wonderful experience. The women are all very talented and create beautiful shawls. We're wrapping others in warmth along with prayers.

To find out more about the prayer shawl ministry go to http://www.shawlministry.com.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

My Sweet Romances

Need some sweet love for your Kindle? I have five sweet, inspirational romances at www.prismbookgroup.com Two are historical romances set during the Revolutionary War and in the year following that conflict. The other romances are contemporaries set in our troubled times, but always containing a message of hope.

You can find all my books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Scribd, iBooks, and other book distributor sites. Sit down tonight with a sweet read and warm your heart.