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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To Be...Or Not To Be...What?

I need a costume. Last year, I dressed as a clown--even though I have never liked clowns. I find them scary. I bought a rainbow wig and a red nose and wore a crazy sweater I got in a thrift shop. The year before that, I was an angel. I used a white graduation gown from one of my daughters and bought wings and a halo. The year before that I was really lazy and used a black graduation gown and cap from one of my daughters. I have been a queen, an equestrian, the Blue Fairy, and a mummer. The mummer's costume was the best of all. I just borrowed it from my husband's closet. He's in a string band.

But what now? I don't want to be a witch, or a vampire, or anything very mean and wicked. What can I be for Halloween that isn't going to cost much money but will make everyone smile?

Any ideas?


Ileana said...

How about Tammy Faye Baker?? Just go heavy on the make up and cry a lot. :) LOL

Live, Love, Laugh said...

how bout a nun? One year we had a Christmas Party and all dressed as nuns and did Sister Act, it was so much fun riding around town in our nun outfits with the radio blaring. People were waving and hollering! lol

Leann said...

I always like to dress the kids as little hobos cause it doesn't take much money to dress like that. My favorite costume, and it won me $50 was as a bag lady.

Just some thoughts.