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Thursday, October 13, 2005

One of My Paintings

Yes, I paint with oils, too. At the urging of a friend, I signed up in Grace Graupe-Pillard's painting workshop when daughter #3 was a baby. Ever since then, I paint once a week. Every painting takes me forever to finish because I love to use outline brushes and put in every blade of grass.

This is a painting of Nauset Marsh on Cape Cod.

When our daughters were young, we used to go on camping trips every summer. The year we went to Cape Cod, we took a boat ride around Nauset Marsh and I took a photograph that I later used for the painting.

On that boat ride, the crew pulled up a bunch of sea creatures from the marsh. My children were thrilled when they got to hold a tiny starfish in their hands. Maybe that had something to do with daughter #1 becoming a marine scientist.


Leann said...

That's beautiful Penelope. I wish I could paint, but I can't even daughter is always making fun of me.

Anonymous said...

Penelope - your painting is breath taking. If it looks this good on the web I can just imagine what it must look like in person.