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Monday, October 17, 2005

Picking Up Branches

Everytime the wind blows, we have fallen branches in our yard. One rather large limb fell down yesterday--big enough to be a small tree. It landed in a verticle postition only inches from the outside air conditioning unit and very, very close to the house. If it had landed on the roof, it might have put a hole in it. The branch came from one of the tulip trees. Those trees shed large branches on a regular basis and this is not the first close call we've had. A few years ago, one large branch hit one of the gutters and dented it. We've had some of the trees removed, but that was terribly expensive. We still have still several more tulip trees on our property. They are extremely tall and a few are scarred from being hit by lightning.

We did not finish picking up branches yesterday. So I'll be getting more outdoor exercise today. In addtion, hubby is going to have to saw some of the large branches into smaller pieces. Oh well.

Often when I'm doing menial chores, I'm working out plot problems in my head--so picking up branches was actually a good thing for my current work in progress. Inspiration comes at the strangest times.


Anonymous said...

I had to call our contractor today. A corner post flew off my house and it is nowhere to be found.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy but productive. Hope you have a wonderful day!