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Monday, October 31, 2005


We have a tandem bike--a bicyle built for two. Hubby bought it at a fleamarket a long time ago, but we really never used it. We gave it to my sister and her husband, but after a while they gave it back to us. However, yesterday was such a gorgeous day, that we decided to try out the bike on the bike trail at Sandy Hook. This is a lovely trail that winds through the old holly forest at one point.

The hard part was getting the bike on the roof of the car, but once that was accomplished we were on our way. We parked next to the old Nike missile site and rode our bike to the north end of the trail. Yesterday happened to be Fort Hancock day and there things to see--the most interesting of which was the old Nike missile site itself. From 1954 to 1974 there were over 200 sites in this country with two nuclear warheads at each site. There were lots of them in NJ. We could have been blown to smithereens if there had been an accident. Though the guide at the site explained all the safeguards used at that time, it was rather chilling to realize I grew up completely unaware that the missiles were there.

We hoisted the bike back up on the roof rack and drove home feeling considerably younger after our bike ride. We're going to polish up that old bike and use it again. There are many new bike trails being built and we're going to try them all. :^)


Anonymous said...

I tried riding a bike for two back in the 60's. It didn't work out very well. LOL You did have a beautiful day for a bike ride.

K. said...

I have always thought that tandem bikes were so cute but I have never actually been on one. Glad you had a nice time and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.