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Monday, April 03, 2006

Watching Words In Christian Fiction


The Christian Booksellers Association wants clean stories, but they make a writer's job difficult. See: Darn It Anyway! List of Verboten Swear Words Grows Ever-Longer for Christian Fiction.



Just Nancy said...

I'd say April Fools! if I didn't already know this is much closer to the truth than the author of the article thinks!

My daughter keeps asking how I think I can write Christian Mom Lit if I can't say "bra?"

MarkD60 said...

Hi Penelope! Log time no see!
I'd like to see The Beaver Cleaver's blacklist of words!

Leann said...

Pretty soon we'll see books that have a limited 40 word vocabulary throughout. Won't that make interesting ready??

Penelope Marzec said...

mom nancy: At the very bottom of that page it said, "Happy (Early) April Fools Day from Your Friends in the Religion Department at Publishers Weekly. Any similarity to actual news is purely coincidental. Well, except for that story on banned words in Christian fiction, which is mostly true." So, yes, as you and I know--it is for real. :^(

markd60: I like the sunglasses and hat. You're looking "phat" as Daughter #2 would say. (Translation: Great!) Check out the submission guidelines at Steeple Hill. Makes it really tough to write a book.

leann: Our language is so rich in vocabulary! It would be nice if we could use it. :^)

Just Nancy said...

You're the best, girl! I really needed the comment you left on my blog. I'm so glad you're my friend. Thank you!

K. said...

The way the story was written it sounded like a big satire to me. I can't believe that it was "mostly" real!!