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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Sofa

For several months, Daughter #1 has been looking for a sofa. Her apartment is currently furnished in donations and second hand furniture purchased from a coworker who moved away.

I have traveled to every furniture store in the area with Daughter #1. We sat on many sofas. My daughter did not want the overstuffed, multiple-pillow style sofa that seems to be very popular right now. She did not want anything in green (I agreed with her on that). She did not want something too large for her small apartment. She needed something to go with her neutral light brown carpet.

We went to four furniture stores this weekend. Finally, Daughter #1 found the sofa of her dreams. It is a Thomasville Maribel sofa. She ordered one in a solid burgundy with off-white accent pillows in a burgundy floral.

She has good taste.

Of course, looking at all that furniture made me want to redo my entire house, but it would be way too expensive. However, I've got lots of ideas now for decorating my heroine's house. :^)

1 comment:

Leann said...

That's a beautiful sofa. I've been looking for furniture, specifically a sofa but I've not had much luck. I ended up with a room in a box instead. :-)