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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Art Gala

Last night, hubby and I attended the opening gala of the Monmouth Festival of the Arts. Hubby enjoys going for the food. Whole Foods catered the affair and there were lots of tasty nibbles--vegetarian sushi, curried chicken salad, miniature quiches, and so on. White and red wine were also available.

I like to go to the gala to see the paintings. I love beach scenes and paintings of places I know. This year, there were plenty of terrific paintings--many of local scenes in the area or scenes of of places I recognize. I did an oil painting of the bell house at Pemaquid Point--and there was a watercolor at the gala of the same scene! Of course, it was a different view done by a different hand--but it was nice to see someone who also appreciated the same scene and felt it a worthy subject for a painting.

Maybe I should use Pemaquid Point for the setting of a novel. Hmmm.


Leann said...

Ideas spring forth from everywhere!

K. said...

Oh, I remember when you did that painting! It was lovely.