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Friday, March 24, 2006

Checking the Lists

Almost everyday, I check Fictionwise to see how my books are doing. True, that is a bit obsessive, but I do it anyway. I have four books at Fictionwise. Usually, my latest release is my bestselling book. So last year, when Prince of the Mist came out, it was my bestseller. Then when A Rush of Light was released, it was my bestseller.

Surprisingly, this week Sea Of Hope is my bestselling book on Fictionwise. Sea Of Hope was my first book, published in 2001--and an EPPIE winner. My second bestselling book this week is Heaven's Blue, published in 2004 and winner of an EPPIE last year.

I check about once a week. I'm a little less obsessive about it, but again, I found a surprise there this week. The Company You Keep was my bestselling book on amazon. That book was also published in 2004.

That's the nice thing about e-books, they have a long shelf life. :^)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your book sales.

K. said...

I don't find that obssessive. If I had anything published anywhere I would check it all the time too! ;)

Jessica said...


I was wondering if you would email me? I wish to talk to you about writing,if that is ok? I have some questions about e-publishing and since you're successfully published, I'd really like to talk to you when you have some time. Thank you so much in advance,