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Monday, February 20, 2006

Abraham Lincoln Eats Pizza

Today hubby and I visited the Newark Museum which had several special activities planned for President's Day. The American Historical Theater was presenting Abraham Lincoln--in the flesh. As we bought our tickets at the museum, I saw the tall, distinguished former president heading down the stairs.

Hubby and I had planned to eat our lunch in the cafe first. However, there was a slight glinch in today's menu--only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or macaroni and cheese were being served. I could deal with that, but hubby could not. One of the museum guides directed us to the pizza restaurant on the corner. As we were waiting for our slices, Abraham Lincoln walked in and ordered a slice, too. He stayed in character, which was quite delightful.

It was only as he walked out, that I remembered I had my camera at my side! I could have gotten a once-in-a-lifetime shot of me and Honest Abe with our pizza slices, but I missed the opportunity. :^( However, we did see his performance and it was delightful.

We also toured the Ballentine House, which is part of the museum. The Ballentines are the ones who made their fortune brewing ale and beer. I took a photo of the outside of the House. I love old houses. I find them inspiring--and I am working on a book set in exactly the time period that the Ballentine House was built. So I considered the trip part of my research. I bought a book about Ballentine House, too.

The museum has a nice collection of paintings, but the sculpture garden was disappointing.

Getting out of Newark wasn't easy. The one-way streets are bad enough, but there are so many no-left turn signs it makes driving frustrating. Nevertheless, the Newark Museum is a great place to see.


K. said...

Ack! I hate it when I miss the perfect photo opportunity. It stays in my head forever though, so that is the good thing about wishing I had my camera at that exact moment.

Leann said...

Ditto to what K said :-)

Glad you had a good time!!