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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Special Delivery

A box containing thirty copies of A Rush of Light arrived at my doorstep yesterday! I opened the box immediately and caressed several books. Then I counted all of them, admired them, and I showed hubby where credit is given to Daughter #2 who made up the cover for the book. Seeing my new book in print is such a wonderful experience--even though I have a few others. After all, every book is different--sort of like children. :^)

The book, at 313 pages, is the fattest one I've written and therefore the most expensive with good, white paper--not the cheap stuff. So for anyone on a strict budget, I recommend the e-book version. Currently, it is still on sale at Awe-Struck E-Books for $4.19.

I did not get much writing in yesterday. My cousin, who is a few years younger than me, is in the hospital. Hubby and I went to visit him. He has been a paraplegic for twelve years and his wife of twenty-five years has now left him. He has severe infections in his legs. All things considered, he was doing relatively well under the circumstances, but I left the hospital feeling rather depressed.

When we returned to the house, I found a message from the state trooper! I have a friend who has a daughter who has a best friend who married a state trooper. When I decided to make the hero in my current work-in-progress a state trooper, I knew I would need some help when it came to some of the finer points of being a trooper--and it has been awesome to have a trooper willing to talk to me. While I do write fiction, I want the stories to be within the realm of possibility. That makes it more believeable.

I called the trooper and asked him about a couple of scenes. He was great and answered my questions. The conversation cheered me up. Now I can't wait to work on the book tonight!


Anonymous said...

You are my inspiration. I worked on my book again tonight. Now I need a new story for another book. I am thinking of trying romance this time around.

K. said...

I can only imagine how great it must feel to actually see your words in print. And how about your name on the cover! Great!!

Leann said...

How rewarding it must be to actually see your work in print. I can't begin to imagine. Congrats on that and your progress in writing the new book!