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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Is It Spring Yet?

Leenda and Speedy, Daughter #3's guinea pigs, are looking forward to laying around in the sun. It is absolutely gorgeous outside today--so warm and sunny it truly feels like spring. Yet the groundhog says we will have six more weeks of winter. Leenda and Speedy have given no indication as to what their prediction is. They only want more hay. I'm sure they won't be surprised if we get socked with a blizzard this month.

Hubby and I refer to Leenda and Speedy as the grandpigs. We are taking care of them until Daughter #3 finishes college. Last semester, the pigs lived secretly in her dorm room. Pets are not allowed there although some students do have them. Daughter #1 went to the same college and told me that someone had a pet alligator under their bed when she was there. This semester, Daughter #3 decided not to take any risks as far as housing goes, so the pigs are on an extended vacation here at home. They are well-mannered most of the time. They do squeak loudly when they know we are eating, probably due to the fact that hubby often feeds them the end pieces of his tomatoes.

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Just Nancy said...

Our piggies, Muffin and Pepper, can tell time! If I'm not making a salad by noon, they let me know about it. I usually have a salad at lunch and depending on what else is happening in my day, it may be at 11:30 or it might be 1 pm or later. OR I may decide not to have a salad. Today I came home from the Y at 12 and they were squealing all over the place. Of course they were starving! They'd only been fed before hubby left for work but that was HOURS ago! They were wasting away to nothing waiting for me!!!!!!!!!

Also, I'm convinced that if we let guinea pigs run free in the house they'd end up living right in front of the refrigerator! Our last pigs would whoot from two rooms away if they heard the refrigerator door open! These two hear me chopping veggies and KNOW that either (1) it's for them of course or (2) worse, I've forgotten they exist!!!!!

Heaven forbid I take their food dishes out to either wash them or refill them with food! I'll forget to put them back and the pigs will starve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!