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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chocolate Lovers Weekend

This afternoon, hubby and I took our friends T&E to Ocean Grove for the Chocolate Lovers Weekend. Quite a few of the Bed & Breakfast Inns were open for tours and they also served all kinds of goodies. It was E's birthday and though she is on a diet, she loves old houses as much as I do. Hubby and T love to eat. It was the perfect activity for all of us.

The Albatross Inn was the first place we visited. They had a milk chocolate fountain and a dark chocolate fountain. An assortment of sliced fruit, cookies, and pretzels were available to dip into the chocolate. Once hubby and T had sampled a little of everything we walked to the Manchester Inn which had soup and chocolate pasta in addition to other sweets. As it was a cold, raw day with the threat of a blizzard in the forecast, we all went for the soup. It was so tasty that E asked the cook for the recipe which involved heavy cream, cheddar, Swiss cheese, and Edam along with cauliflower, broccoli, and squash.

From there we went to the Laingdon Hotel--very posh, the Angel Nook Inn--where you can attend tea parties all year long, and last we visited the Melrose which has a resident ghost, Susan. We did not see Susan, but we enjoyed hearing the stories about her.

By then, the snow had started to come down heavily and so we all went home, but you can bet that we will visit Ocean Grove again next year for the Chocolate Lovers Weekend.


Jessica said...

Yummy! I'd be in so much trouble there! I'd probably never be able to leave. You lucky puppy! lol Thanks for the encouragement you left at my blog. I reread your book the other day, because I needed to write about it for my writing class at BNU. I gave my class the link to it, so hopefully, you'll sell some more copies that way, too. That's awesome that Fictionwise picked it up, too. I still think it's the best inpirational I've ever read and I doubt that opinion will change anytime, soon. :) Take care, Miss Penelope!


Penelope Marzec said...

Thanks for giving your class a link to my book! I am so glad you enjoyed A Rush of Light. I had a great time writing it. :^)