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Friday, February 24, 2006

Not Again!

This week I wound up with a UTI. The last one I had was in October. However, the one previous to that was twenty-two years ago. I want to scream!

After Daughter #2 was born, I suffered from recurring episodes of cystitis--while I was nursing my daughter. The doctor I had at that time was not much help, so I went to a urologist. After lots of nasty tests, I learned that one of my kidneys has a congenital defect. The prescription was to drink lots of water. I also read a self-help guide on cystitis which detailed other preventive measures.

After Daughter #3 was born I had one more episode of cystitis--while I was nursing her and when we had been traveling. I wasn't drinking enough water, evidently.

But that was it--until October. Menopause must have something to do with this. I'll have to drink more water. Grrr.

None of my heroines have had cystitis or a UTI. (Why do we have to make everything into an acronym nowadays? I hate that.) I wonder if I should burden them with such misery. What do you think?


Leann said...

Based upon what little I know of your books I would, do not burden one of your precious characters with a UTI.

I'm sorry YOU should suffer such misery.

Penelope Marzec said...

I suppose you're right. I give my heroines enough trouble as it is.