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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Show of Shows

Hubby is a member of the Happy Days String Band.Yesterday, we boarded a bus with the rest of the band to go to Atlantic City to see the "Show of Shows." Every year, all the top string bands that win in the New Year's Day competition in Philadelphia are featured in a show in February. We saw the show six years ago, and much has changed in the last six years as far as string bands go.

The bands have gotten more elaborate. They have more props--many of which are quite large. There are fewer band members wearing the large back pieces--it seemed only the captains had that honor. (However, there were still plenty of feathers on the floor of afterwards.) All of the bands are choreographed now--nobody really just struts anymore. It was much like a Broadway production--but still string band style with TONS of sequined costumes to dazzle the eyes.

Every band had a theme and the music went along with it. They played medleys--snatches of everything from church hymns to Disney, but with that classic string band sound. The show was three hours long. Fortunately, I had bought hubby a cup of coffee at Starbucks on the Boardwalk before the show.

Afterwards, we received a coupon for eight dollars off the price of the buffet at the Hilton and $16 in cash to play in the casino. The price of the buffet was $18.95--and there was a lot of food. Hubby really enjoys buffets. I enjoyed chatting with the other string band members.

Hubby and I don't gamble much. The last time I used a slot machine it ate real quarters. Now the machines eat five dollar bills. Hubby put a five into one machine and won $12.50. He quit. I put in one five and lost it. I put in another five and eventually won $9.50--so I decided to quit before I lost anymore.

Neither of us could stand the cigarette smoke in the casino. We went outside for a while, but it was bitterly cold on the Boardwalk. So we wandered around the Hilton for a while. There are no chairs inside the casino--except for those in front of the slot machines.

Eventually, we went back to the hotel's bus terminal--where there are chairs. We found most of the weary band members already there. We arrived back home at 10 pm. It was a long day.


Leann said...

The last time I played slot machines they still took quarters and nickles....they take 5 dollar bills now???? Wow, guess gambling is out for me :-)

K. said...

When I lived in Philly, I used to enjoy traveling to Atlantic City sometimes too. Although, I don't gamble much either... and AC is not very fun after you have spent the complimentary vouchers and eaten at the buffet. ;) Sounds like you had a nice time though.

Just Nancy said...

The only time I played a slot machine was in our club in the army and I only played the nickel ones.

When Beloved and I lived in NJ, we went to Atlantic City for a timeshare presentation (mainly because we thought we'd get a cruise out of it), and I felt like I was heading into Sodom and Gemorrha!

Sounds like you have fun.