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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tips for Road Trips

Last week, hubby and I drove to Pittsburgh to see our nephew get married. We also drove back. I am used to road trips. Every single summer when I was young, my family drove out to the Pittsburgh area to visit my grandparents and a whole passel of other relatives. Then we went to Ohio to visit more relatives. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is like an old friend. Still, four hundred miles one way is a long haul.

There are many sites online which list sensible tips for road trips. You should read them before you set out. Anything can happen on the road--and usually does.

I have a short list of tips based upon this last trip to Pittsburgh.

1. Make sure your maps or GPS are up to date. Pittsburgh changed all the exit numbers on me. It has changed the names of several streets, too. In addition, the Squirrel Hill tunnel is closed on the weekend. While it helps to have a sense of direction, a current map or GPS can save you from riding around in circles.

2. Carry antifreeze, oil, and water along with jumper cables and the necessary equipment for changing tires. Make sure you check all fluids in the car before you leave. Our car overheated at the rest stop at Sidling Hill on the turnpike. We did not bring an antifreeze along but a very kind young man handed us a gallon of the stuff. We drove for the rest of the trip without any air conditioning fearing the car would overheat again.

3. Good music helps--a lot. The driver always gets to choose. If you intend to go on a road trip with your significant other, it would be advantageous if you share a similar taste in music. (Think about this carefully before you marry anyone.) Still, it is very difficult to hear music on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with the windows wide open because the air conditioning is not running.

Yes, we made it to Pittsburgh for the wedding--and we had a great time. We also arrived home but I am rather disenchanted with our puny 4 cylinder engine that couldn't.

I want an eighteen wheeler. The kind with the bed in the back of the cab and a kitchen. Sort of like the fancy custom model below.:-)

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