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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Have you ever driven south on the Garden State Parkway in a thunderstorm? I have. Parts of southern NJ remain remote and desolate. Once I chanced to see the Parkway Phantom as I drove along in a terrible storm. You can read that story HERE.

On another trip as the rain poured down and I pulled out of the Asbury tolls, all the other vehicles seemed to vanish into the gray wall of water. I could not see the other cars anymore, but I knew they were still there. I drove slower and peered through the windshield searching for red tail lights. That's when I started thinking about writing a time travel novel. The atmosphere got to me. That's why Lesley in The Pirate's Wraith is driving south on the Garden State Parkway.

Go to the book's page at Amazon, HERE. Click on the cover to look inside the book. You can read the entire scene. :-)

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