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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Rock of Gibraltar

Hubby dubbed his kidney stone the Rock of Gibraltar. It was smaller than a peppercorn. However, it was analyzed and turned out to be the most common type made up of calcium oxalate. According to the doctor, hubby should now avoid foods with a high percentage of oxalates--such as spinach, most berries, and draft beer (bottled beer is okay). Actually, the list of foods to avoid is rather long but there are plenty of things on that list that hubby never eats anyway such as fruit cake, grits, rutabagas, okra, and beets.

The most important suggestion is for hubby to drink water. Hubby has never been overly fond of water. When he gets thirsty, he drinks soda. This past year I have introduced him to flavored seltzer which he finds palatable, but his favorite soda at the moment is Mountain Dew Code Red. :^(


Leann said...

My second husband used to get kidney stones all the time. He worked outside doing manual labor and could not make himself drink was always soda, soda, soda. You would think going thru the pain he did he would compromise. Guess not.

K. said...

I used to hate drinking water too, but it seems that nursing my son has caused me to really love to drink water. I have water by my side at all times now. However, before kiddo changed my life the only water I could drink was Perrier with lime. Has he tried that?

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I ever heard of beets being bad for you. Who knew?