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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Five Blue Ribbons!

Tomorrow is the day A Rush of Light will be released at Awe-Struck E-Books. Today, a wonderful review from Sherree Chmitlin went live at Romance Junkies. No matter how many books I have gotten published, it is still a thrill to get a good review. Sherree said, "RUSH OF LIGHT was a great book and I absolutely enjoyed reading it." 

That makes it all worthwhile.


Jessica said...

Congrats, Penelope!

Leann said...

Congratulations Penelope!

K. said...

Congratulations! You must be overjoyed.

Robin Bayne said...

Big warm fuzzy Congrats!!!

MarkD60 said...

Hi Penelope! Long time no see!
Congrats on the great review1

Penelope Marzec said...

Thanks everyone!!!

markd60: I've got to finish my current work-in-progress, so I've been busy writing (and working). I had to cut down on reading blogs. :^(

I'm 90 pages from the end on the book I'm writing now. Hopefully, some editor will think it's worthy of publishing.

Jessica said...

Penelope, I just finished A Rush of Light. It's the first book I've read in three years. Thank you so much for writing it. I'm so glad I was able to read it by e-book. I cried! I cried! lol I don't cry over books or movies.

I'm going to try hard not to put a psoiler here, but if I do, it's ok with me if you delete this message, ok? Ok, so I absolutely loved that your characters aren't "perfect". It's the perfect blend of Grace Livingston Hill, Nancy Drew and ...YOU! lol Seriously, though. I really dislike "christian" romances, (with the exception of Grace Livingston Hill romances), because usually the christian is wimpy or/and very self-righteous and perfect and I can't stand that.

What I liked about your book is that it showed that the characters both had flaws, but the difference was in how they handled them and in whether or not they had peace during the worst moments. And I really liked it that the Christian character didn't judge the other one constantly, like you see in alot of "inspirational" romances, which I don't find inspirational, at all. I might just have to read another one, as long as it's written by you.

This book totally kept my interest during the entire book. I couldn't set it down, so to speak, and stayed up until 2:30 am reading it. Then, I could hardly sleep, because I so wanted to finish it. You've made me a permanent fan, Penny. Thank you, so much.

Plus, and this is the best part, I could really relate to the heroine of the story in so many ways and I felt like it really touched a hard place in my heart and softened it while I was reading, reminding me that no matter what, I still need to be open and vulnerable and trust God to protect my heart from hurt, becaue if I put up a wall or protective cover over it toward people, I'll block out God at the same time. Whomever knew I could get so much from a romance novel? lol

I want to write a book one day, and never would have considered writing an inspirational romance, if it hadn't been for you, not that I could hold a candle to your work. Btw, the interview was great, too! That was truly inspiring! ;)

The only part of the book that totally grossed me out, and here's a spoiler, was when a certain character drank orange juice with his pizza. Eeeuw!! Who does that? lol Truly gross. lol

Your new, biggest fan,


Penelope Marzec said...

Thanks, Jessica. I loved your review of my book. I am so glad you found it enjoyable--except for the orange juice. :^) Hubby frequently eats leftover pizza for breakfast with his orange juice and coffee. What can I say? Perhaps he has a cast iron stomach.

I do hope you will try to write an inspirational romance. I don't think we can have too many of them!