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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beam Me Up

I wish we had a transporter like the one on the original Star Trek show. It would make life so much simpler.

Yesterday, I had to drive down to south Jersey and pick up Daughter #3. Her car is getting some major repairs, but she had an appointment today. Normally, it's a three hour run on the Parkway to pick her up and return. I knew I would not be able to write, but at least I could "read." I borrowed a book on CDs from the library--Linda Howard's Now You See Her. I had a great time listening to the story as I drove.

Daughter #3 was right on time and almost packed when I arrived--but she was hungry. We decided to stop halfway up the Parkway at the rest area for a burger supper. However, as we got onto the Parkway, the car made some odd noises and lurched a bit. I pulled over and Daughter #3 checked to see if the car had gotten stuck between two and four wheel drive. It did not seem that it had, but the car ran okay after that--though I drove much slower than usual on the Parkway. It lurched a few more times, but not badly.

We stopped to eat and check out all the car's bodily fluids. The antifreeze was almost gone, but the oil and transmission fluid levels were fine. We added antifreeze and Poland Spring water which I had brought along for us to drink. Then we continued north. The car got worse. Finally, we decided we would get off the Parkway and drive along the back roads, but the car acted up even at a very slow speed.

We pulled into a Rite Aid pharmacy lot and called a towtruck. An hour later, we were sitting in the cab of the towtruck and heading home with my car on the flatbed. Daughter #3 noticed that the towtruck operator wore Magnum boots. She whispered to me that they were serious boots--and Daughter #3 would know that detail.

We got to talking and discovered that the operator of the towtruck was quite an interesting character. He has a side business. He repossesses cars. He boasted about his other truck--the one with the 3" Lexane glass and a joy stick. He can back up to a car and drag it away without ever leaving the cab of his truck. I'm going to have to put a guy like him in one of my books.

The most interesting part of our adventure came at the end. Before we parted, the towtruck operator gave his phone number to Daughter #3. Hmmm.

Today I found out that my car needs a new transfer case and a new radiator. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my cellphone and my AAA Plus insurance. I am thankful that Daughter #3 was with me and I wasn't alone. I am thankful that I did not cause an accident with my lurching car.

Still, can't somebody invent a transporter?


Leann said...

I'm glad you made it safely. Beam me up Scotty. I hear ya girl.

Just Nancy said...

What an interesting story! Don't you just hate cars?? My van has had the battery belt (or something) break twice on me. The first time I limped home, the second I had gotten lost in my new city and was just at a point where I thought I knew where I was and I ended up stranded with my baby boy (not so much a baby now, Penny!) in the median of a divided highway and my husband in California! I called AAA but they couldn't come for over an hour, but my Beloved, from San Francisco, called one of his students here in Baton Rouge to pick me up. It all turned out okay, but I had a severe moment of panic! Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me!

I need to know what happens with Daughter #3!

K. said...

I'm glad everything turned out alright. Thank goodness for AAA!

Jessica said...

You totally have to put a guy like him in a book! ROTFL! Your daughter should go in one too. Makes me wonder what kind of girl would know that about workboots? I bet she's pretty adventurous. lol

Your biggest new fan,


Penelope Marzec said...

Daughter #3 was an EMT for many years. She has her own workboots. :^)