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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Poppy Seed Roll

Here's the poppy seed roll I made today. My mother has always insisted that we must have a poppy seed roll on New Year's Day for good luck. In addition, we have to have fresh ham, too. Ma used to make the poppy seed roll every year, but it seems that now the responsibility has fallen into my hands. If I don't serve it on New Year's Day, Ma will have a conniption. There were a few years we did not bother with the tradition--and we did wind up with some horrendous bad luck. On the other hand, even during the years when I served poppy seed roll on New Year's Day we had some dreadful things happen in the family. Ma insisted that everything would have been worse if we had not started out the year with the poppy seed roll.

Hopefully, this new year will go well. I wish everyone peace, prosperity, and love.

1 comment:

K. said...

It's one of those circular reasonings that make my head hurt... if you traditionally serve the roll, you can only speculate on how bad/worse things "might have been" later in the year had you not done it.

Excedrin, please.