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Monday, February 29, 2016

Harbor Seals At Sandy Hook

Sunday was a glorious day with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. I checked the tide tables in the morning because I wanted to see the harbor seals at Sandy Hook. The seals show up at low tide to loll about on a sandbar. They spend the winter there every year--though this year they came later than usual. I've seen many more seals on that sandbar than I saw on Sunday. (See the photo at However, there were some people who brought their dogs along with them to watch the seals. When the dogs barked, the seals jumped into the water.

The seals looked so cute. If you go bring binoculars, but not the dog.

There are Irish and Scottish legends about some seals with the ability to switch into human form. These seals are called the Selkies. (Read more about that here:

My historical paranormal romance, OUTSIDE BLESSINGS, is a Selkie story, but it's set in New Jersey because after all, there are harbor seals here, too. :-) OUTSIDE BLESSINGS is still on sale at the publisher's site Download it today!

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