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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Take Time to Wonder

Hubby ran into one store yesterday but I opted to sit in the car and watch the big fluffy snowflakes fall. I am too busy most of the time getting stuff done, hurrying through one task after another. I rarely have time to contemplate, but it was nice to take a little bit of time out and ponder about snow as I sat in the car.

There's going to be some snow in the book I'm currently writing, The Cowboy's Miracle. So it was good to simply think about snow--the beauty of it, the sort of tranquility that settles over everything as it falls, and the danger of slippery roads.

I got out my camera and tried to take photos of the snowflakes before they melted on the warm windshield. I did capture one. :-) You can see it faintly in all it's six-pointed loveliness.

Fortunately, the temperature zoomed up last night and all the snow was gone by this morning. I don't have to shovel it.

Do you sometimes take time out to think about this wonderful world and all its intricacies? Try it. Just sit down, appreciate everything you can see, and let peace settle in your heart.

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