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Sunday, October 14, 2012

There for the taking...

The New Jersey Romance Writers Conference is over. It was fantastic--as it usually is. Authors and writers from all over the country come to the conference to network, give workshops, and schmooze. :^)

Many of the authors bring along promotional items and set them out on the tables provided for that purpose. I put out candy bars attached to Buy One Get One Free offers for the Prism Book Group. Those disappeared before the last Friday evening workshop. I also set out some sticky notes and people did take them, but the candy bars went faster.

I think there are a lot of hungry writers!!! (I ate some of the candy other authors offered.)

Some authors gave away books. These are the ones I took. There were more. I think giving away books is great if an author can afford it. (Hint: Authors have to buy their books. The books cost a little less for the author, but the books are not free--unless the author has a deal with their publisher for a certain amount of free books.) I have become a fan of several authors after receiving a free book from them.

Hope Ramsay gave away a little holiday pin to advertise her latest release, a Christmas book. I thought this was so clever! Makes me want to write a Christmas story.

Julie Rowe gave away beautiful--and useful--Thank You notes with envelopes. I thought this was a brilliant idea.

Catherine Greenfeder gave away matches and a candle in keeping with the theme of her book, Sacred Fires. M.Kate Quinn gave away emery boards. I always need emery boards. I love useful giveaways. :^)

Sabrina Jeffries gave away her books, brochures, bookmarks, and a red pencil case. (I love pencil cases!) However, I found her bookmarks intriguing because they open up--like little brochures. So nifty. Inside, are The Parasol Papers--with "All the Regency News Fit to Print." Fun and collectable.

There were plenty of other wonderful giveaways: lip balm, pens, key rings, etc. Authors spend plenty of money on these items. In addition, the New Jersey Romance Writers gave all conference attendees a totebag and a mug.

You should go next year.


Hildie McQueen said...

Enjoyed it, you have a great group up there!!! Nice to have met you in person too!!!

Julie Rowe said...

Penelope, I'm so glad you liked my cards! I'm making a bunch for readers and The New Jersey Romance Writers Conference was the first chance I'd had to give some away.

Cheers, Julie Rowe

MarkD60 said...

Romance Writers Conference? free books? Who knew? I'd go for the books!

Penelope Marzec said...


Sure wish we could have spent more time together.

Penelope Marzec said...


I thought the cards were so beautiful. I was good and only took one. :^)

Penelope Marzec said...


Free PAPER books with beautiful covers! Delightful. :^)