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Monday, August 22, 2005

One Mistake

I made one mistake in my life that nobody can seem to ignore or forget. In an effort to save money when the kids were young, I would always cut their hair. However, once when I was cutting daughter #2's hair, she moved. As a result, I nicked her earlobe with the scissors. It wasn't a bad cut--it did not require stitches. It did not bleed much. I felt horrible, though the small cut healed up nicely. Still, nobody has forgotten the incident.

My family does not trust me with a pair of scissors in my hand. Daughter #2, scarred for life, grew up and now cuts her own hair.

Last night, my mother asked me to give her a trim. She was desperate and just too tired to go to a beauty salon now that she's getting old. Nevertheless, when she sat down in the chair and I picked up the scissors, she put her fingers over her earlobes. I trimmed the back of her head first, but I did mention that in order for me to trim the sides evenly, she would have to remove her fingers. She did, but she was rather tense throughout the ordeal.

I finished the job without bloodshed, but I know that doesn't mean my one mistake has been forgotten.


K. said...

Funny, I know how horrible it feels to make that type of mistake. Luckily my little baby is still young enough to forgive me easily and forget all about it!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

lol!!!! how funny!!!

Just Nancy said...

Once when my DD was about 18 months old or so, we were at my inlaws. She got up early and I wanted to sleep so I decided to take her downstairs to "The Gramma" who would entertain her until I was ready to face the world. I didn't put my glasses on because "I know this house like I know my own." I had her in my arms but on the side where the railing was, not thinking anything about it. But I slipped on a step and landed on my read and slid down a few steps. I did grab the top railing on the other side and stopped our fall. BOth of us yelled drawing the whole family's attention. DD NEVER hit the ground - I was the one with brush burns and bruises - but for years she's remind me, "Remember when you dropped me down the stairs??" I figure it'll go in a "Mommy Dearest" book sometime after I'm famous!

MarkD60 said...

When I was first reading this post, and you said she moved, I thought she packed up and moved out of the house because you cut her hair, for one second, I was thinking "dang!, must have been a REALLY bad haircut!"
then I read that you nicked her ear.