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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Florida In August

I am in Florida where it is HOT! It is definitely hotter than New Jersey. I watched the weatherman on the local news last night say that the high for the day was 91 degrees.

No way.

The Floridian weatherman was being deceptive. Maybe it was 91 next to the water in the shade of a palm tree where there was a breeze blowing, but it was definitely not 91 on the concrete sidewalk in Tarpon Springs when my hubby was checking out the antique shops in the middle of the afternoon.

The sun here is far brighter than it is in New Jersey. In fact, the sun here is relentless.

To be fair, I have never visited Florida in the winter. I have heard that it is very nice, but for me right now it is brutal.

Hubby loves the water here. It is the same temperature as a bathtub. I prefer the refreshing Atlantic.

However, I did find something in one of the antique stores yesterday--a nice canister set for daughter #1's apartment. I got it at a good price, too.


Anonymous said...

The thermometer in my yard is reading 102 degrees and my lawn looks like broken wooden matches. It is hot in Jersey this week. Enjoy your vacation.

MarkD60 said...

the tempurature on the weather report is always in the shade. I was at the beach (working hard on my tan), I put a thermometer on my towell next to me and it went up to 145 degrees!