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Friday, August 26, 2005

Edits & Kruise Night

My editor at Awe-Struck sent the file of A Rush Of Light to me last week and asked me to fix some things--pronto. All week long, I've been busy with the edits. My life is on hold in the meantime. I do want the book to be as perfect as it can be. I thought I had caught everything the day before yesterday, so I loaded the "fixed" file into my Rocket and proceeded to read through it once more.

I found a lot of wincing going on. Both the hero and heroine winced on several occasions. How did I miss that? So I cut out some of the wincing. I found some sentences I didn't like. I fixed those, too.

However, my husband wanted to go to the final Kruise Night for the summer. We haven't been to a Kruise Night this summer at all--which didn't bother me in the least, but for some reason hubby enjoys the noise of a zillion motorcycles all revving up at once and the smell of exhaust in the air. The only thing I like about Kruise Night is that the little library in town has a used book sale going on where the old paperbacks are going for twenty-five cents each.

I brought my Rocket and read in the car, finding more things to fix, as hubby drove. Then we arrived and proceeded to wend our way through the street which was packed with men wearing leather and tattoos--many of them had grey hair.

I stopped at the library and bought two books.

We checked out the cars on display, too. I saw several Novas. I used to own a Nova. It was my first car and I loved it, but it did not have air-conditioning and after a while it had lots of rust holes aong with a trunk that filled up with water everytime it rained. Still, it was nice to see restored Novas.

But the motorcycles were really annoying. They are so loud.

We got back in our car and I opened up the Rocket to continue looking for things to fix as hubby drove us home in the quiet air-conditioned comfort of our minivan. Then I went back to the computer for a while. Hopefully, I'll finish the editing tomorrow.

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