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Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Hurricane Story

Today's Asbury Park Press has my hurricane story in it. Lake's treasure gone foreveris part of a series. I was ten years old when Hurricane Donna brushed the New Jersey coast and it was rather scary!

There are other stories from people who witnessed the 1944 hurricane in New Jersey which had no name.

Nature's fury can be devastating. I hope NJ never receives a direct hit from one of those storms especially since, in the past few decades, so many people have built their homes right up on the dunes in places like Long Beach Island.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I am always amazed when I go to Wildwood. The shoreline has increased so much since I was a little kid.

Leann said...

I enjoyed reading your article. The closest I came to a hurricane was while we lived in Virginia. It was headed directly for shore and at the very last minute veered away. It amazed me, the people that went down to the shore to watch the storm. Fearless or stupid?

Unknown said...

nice blog. I'm here in Georgia, but spend a lot of time with family in Florida. We're having a tropical storm now and I'm concerned about my grandmom. She, of course, is fine. And won't accept phone calls during bad weather. So i might have to call the mayor, who she babysat when he was a boy, to check on her.

MarkD60 said...

Great article. I'm here in the Cayman Islands waiting to see what Hurricane Emily does, she's headed our way.
I have been through several hurricanes, the most intense being Ivan in 2004 and Eva, in Hawaii about 1983.
Nothing can compare to a hurricane.