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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Christmas in July

Last night, hubby and I drove to Ocean Grove to listen to an organ concert in the Great Auditorium. Gordon Turk was performing on the amazing Hope-Jones pipe organ. Hubby used to play the organ at church for quite a few years until he joined the Happy Days String Band, so he has an appreciation for the complexities of playing the instrument.

Gordon Turk made the floor rumble with the 32 foot stops on the organ. Hubby LOVES to feel the floor rumbling. It's like an earthquake.

When our daughters were young, we would take them to the organ concerts, too. Evidently, they now claim that was the worst thing we ever did to them. :^) We knew they hated going, so we would bribe them and offer them an ice cream cone at Day's afterwards.

However, last night, it was Christmas in July at Ocean Grove. Many of the little tent houses were strung with Christmas lights and decorated with red ribbons, Christmas trees, and wreaths. After the organ concert, we strolled down to the Pavilion on the boardwalk where the band was playing Christmas carols. While we were there, Santa arrived on a firetruck. Santa had on his red hat and beard, but he also wore shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and sandals. It was a funny sight and brought smiles to everyone's face.

Santa handed out lollipops and warned everyone to be good before he exited via the firetruck again.

We walked on the boardwalk after that. There was a beautiful, huge moon in the sky last night, too. It looked lovely over the water.


Leann said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I can just envision the moon over the water. How beautiful!

reggie said...

Actually, lately I've been wanting to go to hear Gordon Turk play....nostalgia being what it is, and heck, it's GOOD MUSIC! (Can you tell I've had to listen to too much stuf I think is deemed music by some odd reason?)

Funny how when we get older we appreciate stuff differently--
I used to yawn in art museums as a I tend to seek them out, and enjoy wandering through and marveling at the ideas people bring to life on canvas.

I'm grateful that you guys made sure you raised us as "cultured" young ladies. How the heck did you tolerate our grumblings?!!!?

I know if I have kids I'm going to be dragging their reluctant hineys to art museums, etc., knowing one day they will appreciate it! (Isn't that why God made kids travel-sized?;)

The full moon down here last night was beautiful--it was HUGE, and looked like a jack'o lantern because it was orangy and you could see "the man in the moon" still.

I must say, though, there is nothing like looking at the moonlight on the water. When I was going to Brookdale, and feeling kinda down and out, I'd go to Cliffwood, and sit on the rock wall where the water meets it farther down the beach. I'd listen as the waves lapped the sea wall, and watch the light from the moon dancing on the water. I always found it neat how if you look long enough, the moonlight reflections in the water seem to jump like sparks on the waves.

There are few things so beautiful and soothing. :)

Anonymous said...

The thought of Christmas is refreshing during this 100 degree heat.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

How romantic walking on the boardwalk with a beautiful full moon and the lights!

You are always up to something interesting, I love reading your posts!

Just Nancy said...

My Father-in-law sings at Ocean Grove every year and Beloved has joined him a few times. I went with them one year, just to listen. I remember it being hot, but the singing was great. Sigh. Won't be doing that now that we're too far south.