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Friday, July 15, 2005

Moving In

Yesterday, hubby and I loaded up the minivan with a dresser, a desk, a chair, a set of dishes (purchased by me over a period of months at the supermarket), a set of utensils (hubby's original bachelor set), and the cooler which was filled with a batch of my own enchiladas. Daugher #1--our marine scientist--has moved into an apartment, but after years of living in dorms she did not own any furniture. She did have a small television, her computer, and her piano keyboard, but that was it.

Grandma gave her lamps, a table and some mismatched chairs. She bought a bed, a microwave, and a coffee table from one of her coworkers who was leaving to have a baby. Her godmother gave her the dresser, desk, and chair, but hubby and I had to transport the stuff. The apartment is one hundred miles from our home--so it's not around the corner, but we had a pleasant drive yesterday.

After we unloaded all the stuff, the apartment looked a bit more as if someone lives there. I heated up the enchiladas in the microwave and we ate supper. Then hubby and I hit the road for the return trip home. We didn't get back too late, but I was still too tired to do any writing. So I read someone else's book.

Daughter #1 is reading Wuthering Heights. She tells me she is enjoying it. :^) But she wonders why the Bronte sisters liked the tall, dark, and ugly types.

Here's a photo of us standing on the apartment's front porch. I'll have to look around for some porch furntiture next.


Leann said...

How wonderful for her she has her own place!

The nice thing about me going to Alaska is that my daughter will get to keep most of my furniture and house "accessories".

Your daughter must be very excited about having a place of her very own.

Anonymous said...

I found an apartment for my daughter today. Now if I can get her to go look at it.

Jodie said...

Oh, you guys are sooo cute. :)