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Friday, June 03, 2005

Second Hand Books

My hubby had heard about a gigantic used bookstore from his friend. So this week we traveled to Cranbury, NJ, to visit the Book Worm, an old house on Main Street stuffed with second hand books. We found paperbacks as well as leather bound classics--with everything in between. It is sad to see all those lonely books on the shelves waiting for someone to pick them up.

I'm on a Celtic history binge and I found three hardcovers on that topic--which cost me all of $17. It was easy to find the historical books because some of the books in the store have been sorted, but those in the front are the new acquisitions and have yet to be properly placed. By the way, the store does take donations, but only on certain days.

There are tons of fiction books, of course. At home, I tend to hold onto the non-fiction books, but my "keepers" shelf for fiction is small. There really is not enough room--which reminds me of one of the best reason for e-books--they don't take up any space and when you don't want them anymore, it is a simple matter to delete them.

I also wondered why authors are not paid a percentage when the book is sold the second time around in this country. It seems only fair that they should collect a bit more money on their work. There ought to be a law concerning the matter.


Live, Love, Laugh said...

I would be in that store for hours. I love old book stores!!

Anonymous said...

I may have to take a ride down there. I love used book stores and like LLL I would be in the store for hours.

Most of the book stores by me have been swallowed up by Barnes & Noble.

There was a great used book store in Westfield but that one has vanished also.

K. said...

Sounds so much interesting than the mega-bookstore/coffee shops all around us these days.