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Friday, June 24, 2005

My Old Computer

I took my Mac Performa to the recycling center today. I hated to leave it there. That computer opened up the world of publishing to me. I wrote Sea Of Hope, Irons In The Fire, and lots of short stories on that machine. It still works, but nobody wants it. The technology is too old. Nobody needs a machine with limited capabilities--especially on the web.

But it was almost like a friend. I am sure that the hard drive is imbued with my emotions.


Live, Love, Laugh said...

I remember my first computer, it was my favorite, I loved that computer, I finally broke down, quit holding on to it..then gave it away, then I built a new one, I loved it too and again I gave it away, so now I have a Sony with the works!!! I love it, if they quit making them better and better, I would not have to give any more of them away.

MarkD60 said...

I loved my first computer too. It was an 8088 with I think a 10 meg hard drive. (Huge!!)
But after that, I find that I love a new computer, but as it gets comparitively slower and slower, i love it less and less. Then I get another new one and I'm in love all over again.
Sounds terrible, doesn't it!?!
But I sometime miss my old DOS machine, those were the good 'ol days!
I never had a MAC.....

K. said...

I can understand this emotion. My first pc is down in my basement right now, virtually useless because it is so old (and large!). But I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it! *lol*

Anonymous said...

I always have a hard time parting with a computer. My first one is still running but I could not load any new software on it (only a 1.6 GB hard drive and 16 RAM) so I gave it to a college student who needed a PC to write papers. It was still good to run WORD.

PC's really bring out the geek in me.

I recently bought a MAC as well though I only use it for graphic design and I am still learning.

Honestly, I do not see what the difference is. I find that I use the Photoshop program on my PC more than the MAC.

Leann said...

I was introduced to computers while in the Navy. We used the HUGE main frames that used the hole punched key cards to program with.

When they first started speaking of computers in your home, I was like ya right. they are and what would be do without them?

Just Nancy said...

The first computer DH and I had had an amber monochrome monitor and these neat little removable harddrives called Bernulli (or some spelling) boxes. I had dreams of seeing a shelf full of those boxes on my bookshelf holding my writing. It also have its memory filled quite easily as my FIL did once by loading up a bunch of shareware he thought we'd need! We don't give computers away as much as we get need hard drives and DH installs that and gives me anxiety until I know for sure everything is fine and safe and accessible. However, I hate all the time it takes to get things just the way I like it again!