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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Deer Enjoy Daylilies

Yesterday morning I stepped outside and discovered my daylily blooms had vanished in the night. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a rather ragged edge on the remaining stems. Evidently, the local deer decided to make a midnight snack of my daylilies. I am getting really annoyed with those pests. Recently, the deer in this neighborhood have become annoyingly bold. The deer population has increased and my backyard has become their feeding ground. It makes me want to start eating venison burgers.

Last year, we found a dead deer on our property. It must have ventured out into the road and been hit by a car. I called up the munipical office to tell them about the dead deer and ask that they remove it. The woman on the other end of the line insisted that if it was in my yard, it was my responsibility to remove it. The truth was that it had expired on the small strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road--which technically belongs to the town. I explained this to her. She asked if it was obstructing the sidewalk. Naturally, I insisted that it was definitely a problem to life and limb--although only one hoof lay on the sidewalk.

Fortunately, someone came to remove the dead carcass. If any other deer decides to take his or her last breath in my yard again, I will drag that animal to the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, I have tried cayenne pepper and horrible smelling anti-deer products to protect my garden, but the deer do not seemed fazzed by the spice or the chemicals. There are certain plants they do not eat. I guess I'll just have to plant more of those.


Anonymous said...

I knew the daylily eating culprit was a deer before reading further. I'm not sure what would discourage them. sells deer repellent but I'm not sure how good it is. You can also ask at any sporting good or gardening store.

My neighbor is constantly battling deer, raccoons, and groundhogs. One year we had a skunk take up residence in our yard. That was not a pleasant summer.

Leann said...

I've heard you can put anything from cayanne pepper to garlic downn to keep deer from eating your garden, however, whether it works or not, well, I could not tell you. Evidently the flowers I grow the deer do not like because I've never had a problem and we have several deer that hang out in our pasture. (We have two large shade trees they love to lay under)

Live, Love, Laugh said...

this post reminded me of a call from the Sheriffs office, one night a man hit a deer, it bounced off his car, he called it in to 911, when he stopped to ck on it, the thing had bounced onto another car, and killed the woman driver.
It was really sad, she never knew what happened apparently. said...

i wanted to tell you congrats on your publishing and wish you much success to come!

Kelley said...

Those deer can cause so much trouble! I don't have a garden since I'm in an apartment complex and on the second floor. But I've heard mothballs work and I've heard human hair can work to repel deer. Whether or not they do work I couldn't tell you though. Good luck!

reggie said...

Dad mentioned that you tried the "bar of soap" trick and it worked!!! I wonder if Irish Springs soap would chase them all right out of town.....!

The day I came home and they were mowing the lawn, and just looked up at me, blinked, and resumed eating was a tad unnerving.

So now NJ is overrun by deer and red foxes, both whom have no natural predators save for the automobile.

That is ridiculous that the town didn't want to get it...that is creating a huge (no pun intended) health hazard. Having a hundred pounds of rotting flesh lying in a residential area is just dumb. A rotting small animal is one thing. But a deer is an entiredly different matter. Gotta love the way she tried to convince you that that strip of grass belonged to us. Very glad you didn't let her get away with it!