Thursday, December 29, 2022

Hoping for Good Luck in the New Year

    My eldest daughter has requested a poppyseed roll of approximately this size. My mother always insisted on a large poppyseed roll for the New Year. My mom clung to a lot of superstitions, which she got from her mother, my grandmother, who was Slovak. This past year was difficult for our family and so my daughter wants to make sure 2023 is better. 
     I sincerely doubt that eating a poppyseed roll will help but it is a tradition in our family and so we’ll continue the tradition. Of course, we’ve adopted everyone else’s traditions for good luck, too. We eat kale, black-eyed peas, noodles, and whatever anyone of any culture claims will help guarantee good luck in the coming year. 
     I keep praying and remain grateful for what I have. The future is in the Lord’s hands, but I can try to be helpful to others, which in my case is usually clothing everyone in blankets, hats, and shawls. 😊 
    But poppyseed roll is a real treat and I can make a large one. If it allays some anxiety, so much the better. 
     Take care. May 2023 be a good year for everyone. 


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