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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stand Out in the Crowd

The water lay calm as the sun dropped lower in the sky. Even in winter, there are footprints on the beach. It draws many who seek a moment of peace, calm, and reflection. For me, it is the perfect spot to consider the end of one year and the beginning of another. The vast empty future waits for memories to be left behind, like those footprints in the sand.

I don't make resolutions anymore, but I do have plans for 2017.  First, I intend to do all I can to stay well. Then, I hope to finish another book and get it published. I also intend to reissue my four Christian contemporary books originally published by Awe-Struck. I will continue to advertise, beg for reviews, and work toward selling more books, which is the most difficult of all my plans for the future. 

I had spent some time yesterday in the company of some fellow parishioners who did not know me. Ours is a large parish and since there are several Masses offered, those who consistently attend one Mass rarely meet those who regularly go to another. As I sat at a table with these almost strangers, I handed out my postcards and told them about my books. 

I explained that my books are not in the local Barnes & Noble, but they are online. 

Those folks proceeded to give me all kinds of advice on how I should ramp up my writing career. The most interesting piece of advice they offered was for me to get on the New York Times bestseller list. Sigh. 

That would indeed be very helpful.

Later in the evening, Daughter #2 and I chatted about the "herd" instinct of most people. Everyone wants to do exactly what everyone else is doing. Everyone wants to read the books on the bestseller list, but few are willing to sample a relatively unknown author. Everyone wants to see the hottest Broadway show, but there are many local shows offered for much smaller fees with unknown actors. 

Many people spend their vacations at the hottest resorts, too. 

It seems few are willing to be daring. Few are willing trust their own tastes when it comes to entertainment. 

For those of you who haven't made any plans for 2017, I say be bold. Read books your friends haven't read. See shows your friends haven't seen. Visit places your friends haven't visited. 

Then tell your friends about your new experience. Stand out in the crowd. Life is an adventure. Make it your own.

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