Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Big Duck

      I visited Long Island last weekend. I've been to Long Island in the past. However, I never saw the Big Duck until this visit. It was a rainy afternoon and not a good day for the beach or for sightseeing. But it was a good day to check out the duck. There's a little gift shop inside. My sister went inside with me. She bought a mug. I bought a duck whistle. I'll have to see if I can attract any ducks with it. 

     Evidently, Long Island was a good place to raise ducks at one point but there's only one duck farm left there now. Instead, Long Island has many wineries. I guess it's easier to grow grapes than it is to raise ducks. I did not go to any of the wineries but my sister pointed them out as we drove past them. She had some of the wine at her house and I got to taste it there.

    Long Island used to have lots of potato farms, too. Now there are very few. 

    Times change. The use of the land changes, too. 

    But I wish I could have seen a bunch of baby ducks. 


Carlene said...

when I think of New York, I see the city vision - tall buildings, traffic, and impressive places to shop. Thank you for showing me another side.

Penelope Marzec said...

You're welcome. There's far more to NY than just Manhattan.😊