Thursday, March 31, 2022



Occasionally, I have interesting dreams. I call them story dreams. They are always rather interesting and similar to watching a movie. Most of the time, my dreams don’t make much sense—or are scary in a vague way. But the story dreams are delightfully vivid. Since I’m a writer, I question if I should turn the dream into a book, though usually I only get a part of the story. I would have to make up the rest.

The other night I dreamed of a lovely young woman with long brown, wavy hair and a handsome young man. They were in a castle in separate rooms across the hall from each other. The young man had a German Shepherd dog at his side and a rifle. The young woman had rifle, too. (Not a magic wand and no wings either as in the picture on the left.) Evidently, they knew some bad folks were coming and they were ready. 

And that’s the dream. 

Now what would you do with that? 

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