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Thursday, September 03, 2020

Excerpt: Meet Ryan and Lewis

PATRIOT'S COURAGE will be released on September 11, 20202, but you can pre-order it now. The book tells the tale of the twins, Ryan and Lewis, who were introduced in Patriot's Heart. They were only three years of age in that book and liable to get into trouble, though their mother kept a tight rein on them. The twins were first cousins to Agnes and Margaret. 

Here's a short excerpt from Patriot's Heart featuring young Ryan and Lewis. Enjoy!

“Where’s Jonas?” Ryan and Lewis had seen them coming and ran toward them. 

“He’s taking a nap with Edwin,” Margaret explained.

“Why is Edwin napping at this time of the day?” Aunt Sally demanded from the doorway of her house. 

“Hobart gave him strong spirits to ease the pain in his leg,” Agnes explained. 

“Your mother’s cousin is more trouble than he’s worth,” Aunt Sally pronounced.

“Edwin is nice,” Margaret stated. “Puddles likes him and so does Jonas.” 

“They are animals,” Aunt Sally sniffed. 

Agnes, Margaret, and the twins stepped into the kitchen. Margaret sliced the bread. Agnes lifted the kettle to pour the tea, but beside her mug on the table lay two pieces of a chain. The one Aunt Sally used to hang her pot over the coals. 

“The twins broke that,” Aunt Sally said as she ladled stew into the bowls. “I’ll be needing it fixed by this evening. The stew nearly burned.”

“How did they break it?” Agnes held up the chain and examined each link. 

“Ryan did it,” said Lewis.

“Lewis broke it,” said Ryan.

“There will be no trifle for either of you,” Aunt Sally scolded.

The twins lowered their heads and sobbed in perfect unison. 

Agnes did not believe they did it. They were so cute and sweet. Too tender to be so destructive. Besides, Aunt Sally seemed to watch over their every move. 

Setting the broken chain to the side of her bowl, she sat. Everyone said the blessing, and ate.

If you haven't read Patriot's Heart and Patriot's Pride, now is the time to download them! Both are available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited. 

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