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Thursday, September 17, 2020

One Secondary Character in PATRIOT'S COURAGE

This is Miss Barbara Chance. Her father had hoped for a boy, but since Barbara came along instead he taught her the skills a boy needed to know back in the late 1700s. When it comes to hitting a target dead center, she's always the winner. She's a big woman, so men who long for dainty, small women are not attracted to her. She signed up to be a laundress at the fort thinking that some homesick young man would fall in love with her, but that didn't happen. Instead, she is assigned to teach Nellie Red Bird how to be a lady--a tall order for someone who isn't much of a lady herself. 

I have a great time writing about my secondary characters! Heroes and heroines need friends. Don't we all?

You can buy PATRIOT'S COURAGE just about everywhere. Check out the links below.



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