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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Sometimes I Wonder What Happened To....

     We went to the beach this evening. It's much cooler at that time of the day when the evening breezes blow in. I really do not enjoy broiling on the sand in the heat of the day. On the way we drove past the public beach in Sea Bright. It's not a large beach. We were headed to Sandy Hook, which has far more space. However, whenever I pass that one small public beach I always wonder what happened to one man we met on the eve of Superstorm Sandy. 
     Hubby and I had driven to the shore that day to see how the coming storm was affecting the ocean. The storm wasn't due to hit until the following day but as we stood there watching the foaming waves chew at the sand, I knew I had never seen anything quite as threatening and I've seen plenty of storms in my lifetime. We didn't stay long, but as we walked back to our car we saw one man frantically digging sand and bagging it. He said he was making sandbags for his house. He loaded his sandbag into his car and went right back to fill up another bag. 
     I felt sorry for him. Sea Bright is a small town with the ocean on one side and a channel fed by two large rivers on the other side. Despite a huge seawall on the ocean side, the town floods on a regular basis whenever there are hurricanes or nor'easters. 
     Superstorm Sandy was a massive and powerful storm. It destroyed many homes in Sea Bright as well as thousands of other homes all along the shoreline of New Jersey and New York. But I still wonder about that young man and whether his home was saved after all his efforts.

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