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Thursday, July 23, 2020

I Haven't Taken Many Photos This Year

With the coronavirus lockdown from March onward, I did not take as many photos as usual. All the gigs for hubby's band were cancelled or postponed. All parties, meetings, and conferences were cancelled as well. Even family get-togethers have been few and socially distant.😞

I have taken far more screen shots than ever before of Zoom meetings and FaceTime chats. However, even as the restrictions eased in our state, I rarely brought my camera along when we went out. But one evening last week, I remembered to bring along the camera when we went to the park. I thought I might be lucky and capture a nice sunset. Instead, I found a whole gaggle of geese on the lake. The geese were not socially distant from each other. They stayed close to each other and were very wary of strangers--like me. 

But the incident reminded me that the world is still beautiful. The flowers are blooming. The apples are growing bigger in the orchard. The birds are singing sweetly in the trees. 

Though we must stay safe, we should enjoy the moment. And take more pictures. 

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