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Thursday, July 02, 2020

The Accordionist and the Singing Cow

Hubby was The Music Man at Longstreet Farm for many, many years. He regularly entertained at the farmhouse, playing old time songs. Longstreet Farm always had an exhibit at the county fair and hubby was regularly scheduled to play during the fair. One Sunday, he played for two hours as usual, but during his performance one unhappy cow continually mooed. The cow had voiced her displeasure all day. It evidently did not like being at the fair, in a small pen, and missed its cow companions.

After hubby's two hour gig was up, he decided to play specifically for the cow--to see if music really does calm the savage beastie. The video below is the result. :-)


MarkD60 said...

Very cute

Aidee Ladnier said...

She seems to be keeping time fairly well, too!

Penelope Marzec said...


Yes, her timing is awesome. :-)